A full time desk space at Industry Lab starts at $435 per month, with 24/7/365 access and no additional fees.  We occasionally have some smaller spaces available, comfy for a coder or other desktop setup, for only $300 per month. No need to pack up when you leave for the evening, either! 

What you do with your space is up to you and the people around you; everything is possible and all is socially mediated. Want to play loud music, or occupy extra space to build something big? Just ask your neighbors!  

Interested in renting space with Industry Lab? Fill out an application HERE


Every Industry Lab resident has access to our shared services. We provide Internet, good water, and a weekly cleaning service. We have shared conference rooms that your team can reserve as needed, a thriving event space, and a community-run machine shop. Our first community-designed phonebooth arrives this March.