Lies Are Fine • 7:30 PM Friday 20 July 2012


A one-day event starting at 7:30pm on Friday July 20th, 2012.
At The Industry Lab

7:30–Close: TRISHA HOLT (Photographic Installation)
8:00–8:30: MATT GLASS (Performance)
8:30–9:30: SEAN JOSEPH PATRICK CARNEY (Performance)
9:30–Close: DJ FRANKY (Music and Drinks)

Curated by Emily Hurley, Jordan Wayne Long, and Jamie Zigelbaum


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/101686616644700/

About the Artists

Sean Joseph Patrick Carney

I fucking love dudes that swear properly. I dislike the precious. Operationally, I regard humor like a 10-nanometer Atomic force microscope probe. Now for all you IDIOTS that don't know what that means: humor is sharp; a tool to examine our subtlest features. But, what's an AFM without a proper understanding of van der Waals forces? It's garbage, offal, couch farts, divorce, hemorrhoids, Prometheus, hard-shelled tacos, and fucking everything Hirst has done except for the shark WHICH I FUCKING LOVE, that's what. But when you have humor, style . . . something else, uhhh . . . confidence, and a big fucking brain you can do some cool shit: see atoms, deliver pizzas, and swear properly. Sergeant-Major's Major, Ambassador Sean Joseph Patrick Carney will perform for us. Let's see what he's got, shall we? Let's look very closely. I really c . . . Aha! Humility! That's what I forgot. I seem to always forget that one. . . .

Matt Glass

Mother fuck. I thought I finished writing the last one (read: the one after this) already? THIS. Okay, so these artists aren't totally different, forgive me, I have no idea what I'm doing, it’s Jordan’s fault. But Matt Glass is pretty good. Except that one video of his I didn't like but that's between me and him and not public. See this trailer as counterfactual. It’s great. The grainy and close textures remind of Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (and there is little better to be reminded of), the score assists vasodilation, the story seems to be emerging in the right way: that monitor was broken; the hands too feeble. Matt does a lot of things. For us, he will impart wisdom through a display of words and cacophony of images. This dude thinks a lot, that can really be a problem for me. But in this case, on this magical night, we may all find just that one extra coulomb that lets us enjoy such luxury. Let us learn from Matt, together.

Trisha Holt

The poet McLuhan wrote something I love, he wrote "photography is a lie." Totally fucking wrong, obviously. But interesting, right? Oh, wait. Shit, that wasn't McLuhan, that was Bill Mitchell in The Reconfigured Eye! My bad. The thing is, that images tod . . . Wait, shit. He didn't quite say that. Who did write that? Foucault? Whatever. Anyway, Trisha Holt is a damned liar. Look at this, and this. I hate what she's doing here, it's confusing me. People wearing photos of historical import, WTF dude? The thing about art is it’s a lie. Why can’t Trisha just show us landscapes? Simple things? Stuff we understand? It’s like language: words should just mean one thing. 1+1=2, you know? Trisha’s work makes me feel stuff that I don’t understand, like she has telepathically implanted her own ideas in my brain. “The electric neuron is pure disinformation.” Somebody must have said that, once.

The Industry Lab Gallery is proud to present Lies Are Fine.

Jamie Zigelbaum
Director at Zigelbaum + Coelho
Cofounder at Industry Lab
Curator at Industry Lab Gallery